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End User License Agreement

HOOKSTOCK IMAGES Commercial Royalty-Free End User License Agreement

Images listed for Commercial license are available for commercial, editorial and personal use.

Copyright is not transferred with the license of an image. Danny Hooks always retains copyrights of all images.

Images are non-exclusive.

Licenses are for the End User only. Licenses are non-transferable. Anyone working on a project for the End User may have access to the image only for projects for the End User.

Once an image has been licensed, the End User can use it forever, worldwide, for multiple purposes, within the image’s Terms of Use, without having to pay any additional fees.

Some permitted uses are: apps, bags and other items (some restrictions apply and are listed within this License Agreement), blogs, books, branding, brochures, business cards, cd covers, e-books, flyers, games, hats, logos (non-copyrighted/trademarked), magazine articles, marketing, movie props, news articles, presentations, retail products such as t shirts, screen savers, social media, tv and movie props, web sites, etc.

Print-on-demand websites are prohibited. This restriction includes websites such as cafepress.com, polyvore.com, zazzle.com, redbubble.com, etsy.com, teacherspayteachers.com or other sites that may not be listed.

Images may not be distributed to other users via templates such as e-cards, web design templates, scrapbooking templates, customizable invitation templates, digitized embroidery files, personalized products, business card design templates, etc.

Danny Hooks holds no responsibility from any legal issues that may arise from any use of the End User. The End User is responsible for any legal issues or costs resulting in their use.

The End User is responsible for all liabilities regarding privacy issues, trademarks, slander, libel, etc., that may arise from the use of the image(s). The End User is responsible for the end-use and any legal and/or any financial liability that may arise from such use.

The End User may not use any image found on this site for any illegal or fraudulent purpose.

Images will not be used for sensitive topics without the prior consent of Danny Hooks.  These include (but are not limited to) models with mental or physical health issues, sexual orientation or sexually related, substance abuse, criminal offenses, political endorsements, subjects that could be considered offensive, demeaning or unflattering.  If you have any queries please contact HOOKSTOCK IMAGES.

The End User shall indemnify and defend Danny Hooks against all claims, liability, damages, costs and expenses, including reasonable legal fees and expenses, arising out of or related to a breach of this Agreement, the use or modification of any Image or combination of any Image with any other material, the End User’s failure to abide by any restriction regarding the use of an Image, or any claim by a third party related to the use of an Image, alone or in combination with any other material.

Images may contain copyrighted material or trademarks. The End User is responsible for seeking legal counsel for use of the image(s). The End User accepts responsibility for all liabilities that may arise from use of the image(s).